Who’s Who at School? Lesson Plan
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Who’s Who at School? Lesson Plan

Ease the minds of new students or introduce new staff with a fresh new look to your traditional Back to School letter.

Download a sample newsletter template here.

Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Drawing or writing paper
  • Computer

Project Instructions

Grades: K-12

All students, especially those new to the school

Lesson Preparation and Duration: 1-2 Days


  • Camera
  • School letter Head or newsletter template


Before the first day of school take a photo of yourself and of all of the staff your students will see on a regular basis. Use these photos to include in your Back to School letter. Choose from some of the ideas below as you compose your letter!

Try This:

  • Add fun facts about staff members under each photo.
  • Add a list of fun facts and ask students to find out the first week of school which fun fact goes with which staff member. Give a small prize for students who match all the fun facts to the correct staff member.
  • Add a silly photo of each staff member
  • Have each staff member share three facts and a fib under his picture. In his classroom or office, ask him to post the facts and fib and circle the facts or cross out the fib so that the students can easily tell which are which when they visit the classroom or office for the first time!

Wrap It Up

  • Mail your letter or send electronically.
  • Post the letter and/or photos directly on your webpage. Students, especially those who will be attending your school for the first time, will enjoy knowing a little bit about their teachers before the first day of school.