Cedar Lodge Wood Burned Cardinal Sign
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Cedar Lodge Wood Burned Cardinal Sign

Burn this pretty, red cardinal or another design of your choice right into the wood using a woodburning tool.

Designed by Nick Mikesell.

Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Unfinished Natural Wood
  • Craft Smart® Acrylic Paint – Red, Green, Brown, Yellow and Orange
  • Craft Smart® Watercolor Paintbrushes – No.4 or No.6 Round
  • Woodburning Tool
  • Graphite Pencils (2B or 4B Soft Weight Lead)
  • Masking Tape
  • Ballpoint Pen
  • Print-outs of Holiday Artwork (or Sayings)

Project Instructions

Step 1 To transfer large designs, first print out the design/artwork to the actual size it will be on the unfinished wood plaque.

Step 2 Using a 2B or 4B soft lead pencil, rub graphite on the back of the printed design using the long edge of the pencil tip. Make sure you have applied enough graphite to cover the entire design.

Step 3 Place the printed design on top of the plaque and secure with two pieces of masking tape, one at the top and one at the bottom.

Step 4 Use a ballpoint pen and firmly trace all the contours (outside edges) and details of your design. The pressure of the pen will transfer the graphite to the surface of the wood. Your design is now ready to be burned into the wood!

Step 5 Plug in the woodburning tool and allow 10 minutes for the tool to reach full temperature. (Tip: Working on a clear surface will prevent accidental burning.)

Step 6 Slowly trace the design with the woodburning tool. (Tips: Practice making different types of marks on a spare piece of wood. Woodburning kits come with several wood slats you can practice on. Practice making wide strokes, thin lines, curved lines and lines with varying thickness. Take time to get a good feel for the tool. Changing the angle of the tip will produce different types of lines. Allowing more time for the tip to burn the wood surface will produce darker, deeper lines.)

Step 7 Once your design has been burned into the wood you can choose to color stain the artwork with thinned Craft Smart® craft paint. (Tip: Build up layered values by applying thin washes on top of one another. This will give your design dimension and visual appeal!)


Be extremely careful with the wood burner tool tip! It gets very HOT! When finished using the tool, allow it to cool 15 minutes before handling or storing.

Craft Notes

If you are using a large design please follow the first few steps below to transfer your design to your wood surface. The woodburning kit comes with carbon transfer paper which can be used for smaller designs.