Time Required :
About 30 minutes
You're new to the skills necessary to complete this project, or maybe you've tried them just once or twice before.

bright flat square knot friendship bracelet

Step 1
Project Note: The measurements in the instructions are based on a 7" wrist. Adjust lengths of floss cord as needed.

- Measure and cut three 60" lengths of each of the following colors: bright pink, bright yellow and bright blue, for a total of nine 60" lengths.

- Gather all nine lengths together and hold cords together at one end. Measure 1½" down from the end and tie a knot to hold all cords together.

Step 2
- Place the knot under the metal clip on a clipboard to secure. Separate the cords into three sections with three cords each, so that you have a left side, a center, and a right side, all with three cords each. We separated our colors so that each section had a pink, blue and yellow.  
TIP: If you do not have a clipboard, secure your knot to a work table, using a length of masking tape. ­­­­­­

- Use a small piece of masking tape to tape down the three center anchor cords along the bottom of the clipboard. This will keep the cords from moving while knotting. The right side and left side cords are the “working” cords that will do all the knotting, while the anchor cords hold the bracelet together and keep the knots anchored together.   

Step 3
- To start the knotting process, place the three right cords perpendicular over the top of the anchor cords.

- Place the three left cords on top of the right cords and then bring the three left cords under the anchor cords and through the loop formed by the three right cords. Tighten the knot all the way to the top by pulling the right and left cords. This is a half-knot. To complete a full square knot, you will now repeat the process starting with the opposite side.

Step 4
- Grasp the three cords to the left and place them perpendicular over the top of the anchor cords.

- Place the three right cords on top of the left cords. Proceed by placing the three right cords under the anchor cords and then through the loop formed by the three left cords. Tighten the knot by pulling on both “working” cords. You now have your first square knot.

Step 5
- Continue the knotting process, alternating the right and left cords until you have the desired length of bracelet.

- When you have reached the desired length, remove the masking tape holding the anchor cords down. Tie all cords together with a knot to secure.

Step 6
- Leave a 1½" tail and cut excess cord.

- Tie bracelet onto your wrist.
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You’ll Also Need
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Clipboard
  • Masking Tape, ½""
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