Time Required :
Over an hour
You're new to the skills necessary to complete this project, or maybe you've tried them just once or twice before.

caron® tea cakes™ cozy up knit poncho

Step 1
Project Note: The number of Skeins needed to complete this project is 4 - Caron® Tea Cakes™ Yarn – English Breakfast 

SIZE: One size to fit bust measurement 32"-50" 

GAUGE: 11 sts and 14 rows = 4"  in stocking st
Front: **Cast on 103 sts. Do not join. Working back and forth across needle, proceed as follows:
Knit 7 rows (garter st), inc 6 sts evenly across last row. 109 sts.
1st row: (RS). Knit.
2nd row: K5. *P1. K1.  Rep from * to last 6 sts. P1. K5.**
Rep last 2 rows for pat until work from beg measures 24" , ending on a WS row.
Shape Neck: 1st row: (RS). K46. K2tog (neck edge). Turn. Leave rem sts on a spare needle.
***Keeping cont of pat, dec 1 st at neck edge on next 5 rows. 42 sts.
Cont even in pat until total length measures 27" , ending on a WS row. Cast off.***
With RS facing, slip center 13 sts onto a st holder. Rejoin yarn to rem sts. K2tog. Knit to end of row.
Work from *** to ***.
Back: Work from ** to ** as given for Front.
Rep last 2 rows for pat until total length measures 27" , ending on a WS row. 
Step 2
Shape Shoulders: Cast off 42 sts. Slip next 25 sts onto a st holder. Rejoin yarn and cast off rem 42 sts.
Sew right shoulder seam.
Collar: With RS facing, pick up and knit 12 sts down left front neck edge, K13 from st holder, pick up and knit 12 sts up right front neck edge and K25 from st holder. 62 sts.
Next row: *K1. P1. Rep from * to end of row.
Next row: Knit.
Rep last 2 rows until Collar measures 7½" [19 cm], ending on a RS row. Cast off knitways (WS). Sew left shoulder and Collar seam.
Sew 2 buttons on each side of Poncho through all thicknesses.
Beg = Beginning
Cont = Continue(ity)
Dec = Decrease(ing)
Inc = Increase(ing)
K = Knit
P = Purl
Pat = Pattern
Rep = Repeat
Rem = Remaining
RS = Right Side
St(s) = Stitch(es)
WS = Wrong Side
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