Time Required :
About an hour
You're somewhat experienced with the skills necessary to complete this project, but you haven't mastered all the elements, yet.

chalk stencilled message board

Step 1
- With the canvas board on a sheet of newsprint (or palette paper), paint the board with
-To stencil, lay some of the larger stencils in the area you want to paint. Make sure to gently press the edges of each stencil down.
Step 2
- Load the pouncer with white paint. Before pouncing on the canvas, pounce a couple of times on a paper towel. Pounce straight up and down inside the stencil. To make gradations in the color, pounce lighter or fewer times at the outside edge of the petals. Let dry.

- After the original decorations have dried, add a few more stencils and pounce again. You may overlap some to get a layered effect. Let dry.

- Continue to add more stencils and pounce again, after the paint has dried.

- Fill in any empty spots with the smallest stencils and pounce again. Let dry.
Step 3
- While paint is drying, prepare the saying that you will put on the canvas. Either print the template from michaels.com or, in your own handwriting, write out the saying on a piece of
- Place the tracing paper over the canvas where you would like the writing to appear. Tape down along one side.

- Using transfer paper, slid under the tracing paper, trace the words with a ballpoint pen in a different color. This assures that you can see where you have already traced.

- Using the point of a broad tip chalk marker, carefully trace the saying.

- To make the wide and thin calligraphic look, draw another line beside every down stroke, leaving a small space between both lines, and fill in the gap created between the two lines with white.
Tip: If you made any unwanted marks with the stencil, the chalk marker or the transfer paper left some ghosting, use a paintbrush and chalkboard paint and touch up the canvas. 
Step 4
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You’ll Also Need
  • Newsprint (or Palette Paper)
  • Paintbrush
  • Ballpoint Pen
  • Masking Tape, ½""
  • Paper Towel
  • Computer (Optional)
  • Printer (Optional)
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