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Felting with Wool-Ease Roving by Lion Brand
Felting with Wool-Ease Roving by Lion Brand

Felting with Wool-Ease Roving by Lion Brand



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Category: Yarn

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All ages

Class Description

Celebrate Wool-Ease Week with us by Immersing yourself in the enchanting world of wool in our captivating felting and fulling class! Explore ancient techniques, unraveling the secrets of "tucking" or "walking" in woolen cloth-making. Transform ordinary wool into extraordinary textiles, mastering the art of creating thick, dense, warm, and water-resistant fabrics. Join us on a hands-on journey into the creative possibilities of wool, and craft a beautiful pillow that tells a story of your newfound skills!

What Else to Bring

3 different colored balls of Wool-Ease Roving Origins in any color (URL unavailable currently) but all colors listed below: 10736614 LB WE RVNG ORGN BLSH 10736616 LB WE RVNG ORGN PMPSPC 10736618 LB WE RVNG ORGN WLLW 10736620 LB WE RVNG ORGN AQUA 10736622 LB WE RVNG ORGN LILAC 10736624 LB WE RVNG ORGN MSHRM 10736626 LB WE RVNG ORGN LATTE 10736628 LB WE RVNG ORGN MLBRY 10736630 LB WE RVNG ORGN GLDNRD 10736632 LB WE RVNG ORGN OLV 10736633 LB WE RVNG ORGN NVY 10736635 LB WE RVNG ORGN HTHRGRY 10736637 LB WE RVNG ORGN BLK 10736638 LB WE RVNG ORGN CRM Knitting Needle, Size 10.5, 10248679 Large Eyed Blunt Needle, 10154191 Stuffing For Pillow, 10323436 Sewing Needle Thread Access to a Washing Machine