Time Required :
About 30 minutes
You're somewhat experienced with the skills necessary to complete this project, but you haven't mastered all the elements, yet.

cricut® geometric faux leather earrings

Our stunning Geometric Earrings are made from faux leather, but there’s no fussy measuring or cutting. This lovely jewelry DIY is easy to whip up with your Cricut® machine!
Step 1
This design is all ready for you in Cricut® Design Space™. To go straight there, just click here.  
Step 2
Click 'Make It' in the upper right of your screen; then 'Continue' in the lower right of the next screen.
Step 3
For your first cut, make sure to select 'Glitter Iron-On' for your material. Place your glitter iron-on material, shiny-side down, onto your cutting mat. Load the cutting mat into your Cricut® machine and push the blinking Cricut® icon button. When it’s done cutting, unload the cutting mat and carefully peel away your material; then set it aside until Step 5.
Step 4
For your second material, select 'Faux Leather (Paper Thin)'; then place your material, faux leather-side down, onto your cutting mat. Load the cutting mat into your Cricut® machine and push the blinking Cricut® icon button. When it’s done cutting, unload the cutting mat and peel away the material.
Step 5
With scissors, cut around each of your designs; then weed away the excess material around each geometric shape.
Step 6
Use your iron to press each Gold glitter triangle over the matching faux leather triangle. Follow the packaging directions to make sure you use the correct temperature and technique. When you’re done, remove the plastic carrier sheet from the glitter material.
Step 7

Now, set the dial on your leather punch to the second smallest hole; then punch holes into your shapes as follows:

   -  On your tall triangles, punch one hole into each of the three corners.
   -  On your glitter triangles, punch one hole into each corner of the triangle’s longest side. (You’ll see that this is the side that matches up with the shortest side on each tall triangle.)
Step 8

Use 6 mm jump rings to attach the tall and glitter triangles together. You’ll insert the rings through the holes you punched on matching sides.

TIP: To open and close a jump ring, just grasp the jump ring on both sides with chain nose pliers; then twist the ring open from side to side. Never pull the jump ring’s sides apart to open it, which can distort the ring’s shape.

Step 9

Now, you’ll finish assembling your earrings. Attach a 4 mm jump ring to the top hole of one taller triangle, then use a second 4 mm jump ring to attach a fishhook earring to the first jump ring.

TIP: Why link two jump rings together instead of just one? This will ensure that the triangles hang properly from each fishhook when they’re worn.

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