Time Required :
About an hour
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cricut® infusible ink™ floral ceramic coasters

Cricut® Infusible Ink™ is new technology that results in permanent and professional transfers. Make these Floral Coasters to match your home décor!
Step 1

Project Note: The use of multi-purpose household cleaners are not necessary. Warm water and glass cleaner will do the job and will avoid streaks. Do not use steel wool, colored cleansing agents or scrubbing pads. Avoid getting the cork wet.

First, click here to go directly to the design in Cricut® Design Space™. 

Step 2

Size each design as you would like it to appear on your coasters. 

Step 3

Click ‘Make It’ in the upper right corner of your screen. 

Step 4

In your preview screen, check ‘Mirror’ in the left panel for each mat, to reverse your image.

TIP: This step isn’t not necessary if you are cutting a simple shape where direction doesn’t matter. However, if you are cutting a design with words or a shape where direction matters, be sure to “Mirror” your image. 

Step 5

Now, click ‘Continue’ in the bottom right corner of your screen and choose the material for your first layer. 

Step 6

Place a sheet of copy paper on your lightgrip mat and load your Infusible Ink™ pen in clamp B. 

Step 7

Load the mat into your Cricut® machine, then press the blinking Cricut® icon to start drawing. Unload and carefully remove the copy paper from the lightgrip mat. 

Step 8

Use youInfusible Ink™ markers to color your design. 

Step 9

Now, use scissors to cut down the copy paper with your drawn design so it is a little larger than your coaster. 

Step 10

Preheat your EasyPress™ to the appropriate temperature for your material and, if needed, adjust the timer.

TIP: See the Quick Reference Guide, included with your EasyPress™, for temperature and times or click here for an interactive guide.  

Step 11

Place a piece of cardstock onto your EasyPress™ mat and lay your design onto your coaster, print-side down; then use some heat resistant tape to hold it in place.

TIP: The cardstock protects your EasyPress™ mat from any excess ink. If you get any ink on your mat, it will transfer onto your next project when heated. 

Step 12

Fold a piece of butcher paper twice so there are four layers and place over the copy paper (with your design). 

Step 13

Carefully place your EasyPress™ over your design. Hold in place with gentle pressure and press the timer button.

TIP: Be careful to keep the EasyPress™ very still on top of your design. Shifting the design in anyway can cause unfavorable results, such as “shadowing”. 

Step 14

After 300 seconds of heat, carefully remove your EasyPress™. Again, try not to move your design. Let it cool for about 15 minutes or so and then remove the copy paper from the top of your coaster.

TIP: Remove the copy paper in one quick action rather than slowly removing as you would iron-on material.

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