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Services A tradition of quality, care and value since 1976


Select an off-the-shelf frame and add custom mats and glass for a personalized piece FAST. We put it all together for you - usually within 24 hours.

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Expedited Shipping

Need your framed piece quickly? Use our new expedited shipping service and receive your custom framed piece in 7 days or less. See store associate for details.

In Store Visualizer

Bring your image into the store and we'll take a picture of it. Using our visualizer you can explore a variety of ways to custom frame your piece and see it placed in different room settings. once you decide on the perfect design we will take it from there and build your one-of-a-kind piece.


Canvas On Demand

Michaels now offers custom-printed, gallery wrapped canvas online for a meaningful personalized gift or a quick home décor solution with a personal touch. We offer two ways to get the look you want. With our Canvas on Demand program, just upload a photo, pick a canvas size and you are done.

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Personalize it! Click here to learn more about our engraving options.


Your style our inspiration

We have over 480 unique mat colors and 540 frame styles to choose from. Many are inspired exclusively by our in-house design team with an eye for the latest in fashion and home décor trends.

Your style our inspiration

We treat your cherished artwork with care and respect and ensure that it never leaves our store until you're ready to pick it up.

Your style our inspiration

Our Certified Framing Specialists are trained in state-of-the-art preservation techniques and use only preservation-grade framing materials.

The creation of a Michaels custom frame starts with great ideas. Our design team draws inspiration from around the world to invent collections with on-trend styles and state-of-the-art construction. The combination of multifunctional design, original accents, authentic materials, and in-house production is the true beauty of Michaels' custom frame mouldings. Since we have integrated internal design, production and delivery, you have direct access to artisans and designers.

The designers' blueprints are put into production when the raw lumber is shipped to the Michaels manufacturing facility in North Carolina, a regional crossroads of furniture makers, carvers, and woodworkers. There, teams of in-house craftsmen work with their chisels and saws to create an original frame that is as unique as the home in which it will hang.

The wood is hand cut to your specifications after it has been through stamping, engraving, sanding, sealing, and other refinement processes. Each frame is then shipped right from the hands of an artisan to your local Michaels store. Once there, the frame is paired with pigmented archival mats and American-made glass to create museum-grade preservation for your artwork, which has never left he security of the local Micahels custom framing center.

The ultimate joy of a Michaels custom frame comes in the years that it serves to protect memories: family photographs that commemorate once-in-a-lifetime moments; diplomas that recall late-night study sessions; or artwork that reflects countless hours of dedication. When illuminated in a Michaels custom frame, these moments become heirloom pieces that are passed down through generations.

Being the leaders in custom frame design, we constantly look for sustainable solutions while balancing aesthetics with function and affordability. When selecting the species of wood for custom framing, we use equal parts art and science. The woods we select are carefully chosen for their distinctive, unique grain pattern that reflects growth, region and terrain.

  • Our hardwood custom frames are selected for their beauty and individuality.
  • We use a majority of domestic hardwoods and imported quality veneers for our stained wood frames.
  • For other decorative frames, we use quality finger-joined pine or engineered wood - the foundation for our affordable high-end designs.

Visit your local Michaels Custom Frame Shop today, and let us help you find a custom framing solution that's right for you.

Meet the people who dream up our frames and mat for your one-of-a-kind piece. You'll be surprised and facinated. They're product designers, artists, world travelers and always on the lookout for new inspiration. Like any kind of art that's created, there's a lot that goes into it and this team has a passion for creating great frame and mat designs. Find out more about these artisans and the craft that goes into designing the perfect custom frame materials.

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