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From rainbows on sidewalks to face masks for the front lines, you’ve inspired us throughout this challenging time.

Profile of Devonee Labriola

Devonee Labriola

New Berlin, WI

As a mother of a veteran, Devonee is passionate about giving back to the military. To show her support, Devonee has made over 100 masks for her son’s military unit, friends and families in need.

“I want everyone who needs a mask to have one.”

Profile of Carolina Hernandez

Carolina Hernandez

Los Angeles, CA

Carolina is a fashion designer and U.S. Navy Chief who teamed up with her family to make masks for men and women serving in the military and veteran hospitals.

“Our purpose is to serve the community and support our troops during these uncertain times.”

Profile of Erin Plumb

Erin Plumb

Greenfield, CA

Erin is a teacher who made more than 1,000 masks for veterans, active military and many others working on the front lines within her community.

“It’s time to help one another and use what skills we have for our community and country.”

Profile of Jessica Corallo

Jessica Corallo

Denver, CO

Jessica sews masks for boutique coffee shops in her community, using mostly upcycled fabrics. She’s shipped more than 100 masks to people on the frontlines.

“It’s been really fulfilling for me to help others feel safe.”

Profile of Frank Walker

Frank Walker

Cambria, CA

Frank is a retired art teacher who spreads joy in his community with beautiful window murals. He focuses on painting the windows of businesses that have been shut down.

“The arts can do a lot to brighten our lives during this strange time we live in.”

Profile of Lindi Holden

Lindi Holden

Castle Rock, CO

With the help of her three daughters, Lindi has crafted paper bags for healthcare workers to store their protective masks. Decorated with stickers, drawings and jokes, these bags spread cheer throughout their community.

“I'm happy that we can use our creativity to help brighten the day of healthcare workers.”

Profile of Katia Guevara-Acosta

Katia Guevara-Acosta

Miami, FL

Katia and her team created and donated more than 10,000 cloth face masks for essential workers, the elderly and homeless families throughout Florida.

“I find tremendous joy in giving back to the community, to humanity, in any way possible.”

Profile of Brittany DeHaan

Brittany DeHaan

Allegan, MI

Brittany is a registered nurse who started a comfort headband initiative for healthcare workers experiencing ear pain, as a result of wearing protective masks.

“Strive to be the light that shines in the darkness.”

Profile of Erica Harrington

Erica Harrington

Rockland, MA

Erica and her two daughters have painted dozens of kindness rocks for a local nursing home in their neighborhood, spreading joy and encouragement.

“It is so fulfilling to be part of something that brings smiles to people’s faces during this stressful time.”

Profile of Maryclaire Dumas-Landisi

Maryclaire Dumas-Landisi

Long Island, NY

Maryclaire is a passionate teacher who donated hundreds of scrapbooks and accessories to students, encouraging them to stay creative.

“This helps our children find their inner dreams through arts and crafts.”

Profile of Wendy Morell

Stacy Lazzara

South Elgin, IL

Using her driveway as a canvas, Stacy tapped into her creative side to entertain and inspire her family, friends and neighbors with breathtaking chalk landscapes that feature her two daughters, Ashlyn and Averie.

“If we can all pitch in to make each other’s days a little brighter, the end result will be something really powerful.”

Profile of Charley Infante

Trista Kutcher

Mt. Pleasant, SC

Fueled by her passion for sewing, Trista is giving back to her community by hand-crafting hundreds of comfort headbands for front line workers.

“I love to make people happy and spread sunshine.”

Profile of Trista Kutcher

Charley Infante

Houston, TX

Charley is a balloon artist who is spreading joy and positivity in her neighborhood with custom-made, colorful balloon displays that bring positive messages to life.

“Balloons have been my true calling. I wake up every day and do what I love to do, while putting a smile on people’s faces and joy in their hearts.”

Profile of Stacy Lazzara

Wendy Morell

Naples, FL

Wendy is a sewing enthusiast who is working with a team of more than 100 volunteers to create thousands of protective masks for front line workers in Marco Island, Florida.

“I am so proud that we are able to help ... essential workers and our residents in such a small and simple way that will hopefully make a great difference...”

Profile of the Collier Family & Friends

Collier Family & Friends

Avon Lake, OH

Matt, Shelly, Austin and Kaylan Collier have teamed up with the Rollins family, Carter Knox and Hayden Hodge to create and ship ear guards to front line workers across 12 states.

“The payoff for all the hard work has been the knowledge that the family is helping people on the front lines of the coronavirus outbreak.”

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