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fireside christmas tree

Make your holiday delightfully warm and cozy with our lovely Fireside Christmas Tree! We’ll walk you through all the steps to create this rustic, farmhouse-inspired beauty, from its traditional plaid bow topper to its buffalo check tree skirt!
Step 1

First, set up your Christmas tree and fluff the branches.

TIP: Before decorating, plug your tree in to make sure all the lights are operating.

Step 2

Next, choose three coordinating ribbons. One should be plaid and all three should be at least 3" wide. Set aside the plaid ribbon until Step 7. Working from the top down, alternate the other two ribbons to create a series of poufs running down the length of your tree.

TIP: Here’s how to wire the ribbon into your tree:

   -  Take your first ribbon and unwind a yard or two, but don’t cut it from its spool. At the top of your tree, wire the end of the ribbon deep inside, near the tree’s center or trunk.
   -  Run your hand down the same piece of ribbon; then pull it outward from the center to make a nice pouf. Run your hand further down the ribbon and push it back in toward the tree’s center, then wire it in place again to secure the pouf in place.
   -  Continue pulling out poufs and wiring each one to the tree as you work downward, but at a slight angle.
   -  Repeat to add more columns of poufs to your tree, alternating the two ribbons as you go.
Step 3

Now, create several clusters of shatterproof ornament balls. Vary the size of the ornaments you use; then hang them in your tree.

TIP: Here’s how to make ornament ball clusters: 

   -  Cut an 8" piece of floral wire and slide the bails of several ornament balls onto the wire. 
   -  If your ornaments are larger, slide three onto one piece of wire.
   -  If your ornaments are smaller, slide five onto one piece of wire.
   -  Twist the wire close to the ornament bails to bring them together in a cluster.
Step 4

Add clusters of floral and greenery picks (such as cotton, grapevine balls and pine cones) to your tree, too.

TIP: For the biggest impact, keep your picks closer together.

Step 5
Place some long stems of draping pine cones into your tree. Just push the stem into the tree branches and it should stay in place. If your stem is being stubborn and doesn't want to stay put, use a little floral wire to hold it in place.
Step 6
Next, add several stems of frosty branches to the top of your tree. Insert one more branch with a bird attached into this cluster; then bend the branch so it looks as if the bird is perched on the top of your tree.
Step 7

Now, use your third (plaid) ribbon (from Step 2) to make a large, multi-loop bow. As you form it, make it loose and relaxed, to match the style of your tree. Wire this bow to the top of your tree.

TIP: To make a multi-loop bow, you’ll work with the ribbon while it’s still on its spool. Start by measuring out a tail that’s about 9" long, then follow these steps:

   -  Make a loop with about 6" – 8" of ribbon, depending on how big you want your bow to be. Pinch and twist the ribbon after the first loop and make a second loop that’s the same size, on the other side of the pinched area. This will become the center of your bow.
   -  As you work, keep the bow’s center pinched between your finger and thumb – this will make it easier to hold the bow together as you add loops on each side of it.
   -  Continue making loops on either side of the center, alternating sides, until you have a total of six loops (or until you’ve made the bow the size you want).
   -  Twist a chenille pipe cleaner around the center to fasten it, but don’t trim away any excess – you’ll use it to fasten the bow to top of your tree. Take a moment to shape each of the bow’s loops.
   -  Cut the ribbon from its spool, leaving another 9" tail.
   -  Keep the bow’s tails long (about 8"– 9"), but trim their ends at an angle, to avoid any fraying.
   -  We have a great video tutorial on how to make a multi-loop bow. To watch it, just click here.  
Step 8
All that’s left to do is to place your tree skirt under the tree. Arrange it so it hides the stand and gives your gifts a soft place to rest until Christmas Day!

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