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halloween princess costume

Halloween will soon be here, so now’s the time to wave your magic wand and DIY this adorable princess costume! We’ll show you how to sew a skirt and an organza overlay, then make the matching crown, wand and treat bag. It’s all in our instructions below, so get started!
Step 1

Project Note: This project is intended to be made by an adult.

First, make the skirt. Measure your child’s waist, then double that measurement to get the total width. To get the length, measure from your child’s waist to the floor and add 1½". 

Step 2
Next, cut your satin fabric to the measurements you made in Step 1.
Step 3
Fold your fabric so its right sides are together, and sew the seam at the back of the skirt.
Step 4

To make the skirt’s waistband, fold over ½" at the waist (the skirt’s top) and press it flat. Fold the top of the skirt down another 1" and press it flat again.

TIP: Always set your iron to the correct temperature for the fabric you’re pressing!

Step 5
Stitch down the waistband along the bottom of its fold, but leave about 3" open. (This opening is where you’ll insert the elastic.)
Step 6
Now, cut a piece of elastic that’s 1" longer than your child’s waist measurement.
Step 7

Attach a safety pin to the end of the elastic and use the pin to thread the elastic through the waistband. 

TIP: To keep the opposite end of your elastic from slipping into the waistband, fasten a safety pin crosswise to that end.

Step 8
Once you’ve pulled the elastic all the way through the waistband, remove the pin and sew the ends of the elastic together.
Step 9
Sew the opening in the waistband closed, too.
Step 10
It’s time to hem the skirt! Fold up ½" at the skirt’s bottom edge and press it. Fold up another ½" and press again. Pin this pressed hem to keep it in place while you sew.
Step 11
Now, sew the hem near its bottom fold and the skirt is complete.
Step 12
Next, we’ll make the apron overlay out of organza fabric. Lay the finished skirt and shirt together on a table with the shirt above and the skirt directly underneath, just as they’d look when worn by your child.
Step 13

Place two layers of the organza fabric over the shirt/skirt. As you do this, make sure that you have 2"- 3" of fabric above the top of the shirt. Also make sure that the organza is long enough to create an apron effect.

TIP: Since this is a one-use costume, you can skip finishing the organza’s edges, since its sparkles seem to keep it from fraying very much anyhow. But, if you’d like to be able to keep the apron as a play outfit and wash it from time to time, then add ½" to your measurements all around so you’ll have enough to finish your edges.

Step 14
Now, fold the layers of organza in half vertically, making sure the fold line runs down the center front of the outfit underneath. Cut out the apron shape using the shirt/skirt as a guide. As you do, cut the neckline so it’s at least a few inches higher than the neckline of the shirt underneath.
Step 15

Open up the apron again and cut a deeper neckline on the apron’s front side only. It should still be at least an inch higher than the neckline of the shirt underneath.

Step 16
With the right sides of the fabric together, sew the shoulder seams together and press them open. Since this apron is an open overlay, that’s all you’ll need to sew (unless you’re hemming the edges, too).
Step 17
Measure and cut a piece of ribbon that’s twice as long as your child’s waist measurement. When it’s time to dress for trick or treat, just tuck the shirt into the skirt, add the overlay on top and tie the ribbon around the waist over all the layers, to hold them in place.
Step 18

Next up is the treat bag. This one is so easy! Just glue brightly-colored gems in a swoosh pattern on the bag’s front side.

TIP: There’s no need to glue the gems on one at a time. Instead, cover a small space with hot glue, then stick on as many gems as will fit. You’ll need to work quickly, before the glue cools and sets.

Step 19
To make the crown, place two white chenille pipe cleaners so their ends overlap about 1", and twist these ends together. Form an oval that will fit your child’s head and twist the chenille pipe cleaners’ opposite ends together as well to hold it in place.
Step 20
Attach a third chenille pipe cleaner to the front of the crown and bend it into several scallop shapes, twisting it once around the crown in between scallops.
Step 21
To finish the crown, add a few gems. Just hot glue them to each scallop, holding them in place as the glue cools.
Step 22
Now, make the wand! Trace a star pattern twice on the back of the Silver glitter adhesive foam.
Step 23
Click here for the star pattern. Cut out both stars. 
Step 24
Remove the paper backing from your stars and lay them both on your work surface with their sticky sides facing up. Lay one end of your dowel so it’s running up the center of one star, in between two of the stars’ points. Flip the second star over so its sticky side is facing down and place it on top of the first star, matching up all the points. The dowel should now be sandwiched between the two stars.
Step 25
Almost done! To finish, measure and cut two 2" x 15" strips of organza and tie them to the dowel just underneath the star.

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