Time Required :
Over an hour
You're new to the skills necessary to complete this project, or maybe you've tried them just once or twice before.

loops & threads® black and white beret

Nothing looks more Parisian than a classic black and white beret. With an added bow, this beret is très chic!
Step 1
MEASUREMENT: To fit average lady’s head.

: 18 sts and 26 rows = 4" (10 cm) in stocking stitch with larger needles.

Note: Do not break yarn at end of rnds, carry yarn loosely up inside of work.
Change to double-pointed needles when appropriate.  
Step 2

With smaller double-pointed needles and A, cast on 96 sts. Join in rnd, placing marker on first st.

1st rnd:
*K1. P1. Rep from * around.
Rep last rnd until work from beg measures 2½" .
Change to larger circular needle and proceed as follows:

1st rnd:*K6. M1. Rep from * around. 112 sts.
Beg working in Stripe Pat:

1st to 4th rnds: With B, knit.

5th to 8th rnds: With A, knit.
Keeping cont of Stripe Pat, knit even in rnds until work measures approx 7" from beg.  
Step 3
Shape crown:
Keeping cont of Stripe pat, proceed as follows:

1st rnd: *K6. K2tog. Rep from * around. 98 sts.

2nd and alt rnds: Knit.

3rd rnd: *K5. K2tog. Rep from * around. 84 sts.

5th rnd: *K4. K2tog. Rep from * around. 70 sts.

7th rnd: *K3. K2tog. Rep from * around. 56 sts.

9th rnd: *K2. K2tog. Rep from * around. 42 sts.

11th rnd: *K1. K2tog. Rep from * around. 28 sts.

13th rnd: *K2tog. Rep from * around. 14 sts.
Break yarn, leaving a long end. Thread end through rem sts and draw up tightly. Fasten securely.  
Step 4
With pair of smaller double-pointed needles and A, cast on 12 sts.
Beg on a knit row, work even in stocking st until piece measures approx. 5" , ending on a WS row. Cast off knitwise.
Step 5
Bow center
With pair of smaller double-pointed needles and A, cast on 10 sts.
Knit 3 rows. Cast off knitwise.
Wrap center around center of Bow to cinch. Tack into place.
Attach Bow to Hat as shown in picture by tacking each corner of Bow and center.

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