Time Required :
Over an hour
You're somewhat experienced with the skills necessary to complete this project, but you haven't mastered all the elements, yet.

loops & threads® cozy wool™ finger crochet cozy scarf

Step 1
   -  This pattern makes a short, narrow scarf that’s easy to complete in two hours. The finished measurements are 58"x 6". If you want to make your scarf wider or longer, be sure to purchase additional skeins of yarn, and either add to the foundation chain (making sure you use an even number) or add more rows to the scarf.
   -  A total of three skeins of yarn are needed to complete this project: two skeins in the main color and one skein in the accent color that is woven through stitches at the end. 
   -  This scarf is made using two strands of super-bulky yarn, held together and worked as one strand.
GAUGE: 4 sc = 4"; save time and check your gauge.
Working with two strands held together, begin by making a slipknot. Use your fingers instead of a hook to ch 70, and turn.

Row 1: Sk the first ch and sc once into the second ch from the hook. Ch 1 and sk the next ch. *(Sc into the ch after that. Ch 1 and sk the following ch.) Rep from * until you reach the final ch. Sc into the final ch, then ch 2 and turn.

Row 2: Sk the first st, and sc once into the first ch sp (made when you ch 1 in the previous row). *(Ch 1, sk the next st. Sc once into the following ch sp.) Rep from * across the row until you reach the end. Ch 1 into the final ch sp, then ch 2 and turn.

Rows 3-10: Rep Row 2. When you reach the end of the 10th row, sc into the final ch sp, as you have been doing.  
Step 2
Finishing: When you reach the end of your final row, knot off your yarn and trim the excess, leaving a tail of 4" – 6". Weave in this tail, as well as the one at the scarf’s beginning.
Accent weaving: Working with one strand of your accent yarn, ch 10 more than the total number of ch in your foundation ch. (For example, if you ch 70 according to directions, then ch 80.)
TIP: Tie a temporary bow at the end of your ch, and leave it attached to the skein, so that you can adjust its length by adding or removing ch if necessary. 
Pick up the tail of your ch, and begin weaving it up and down through the ch sp along the scarf’s length. If desired, you can try a more complicated weave, like the zigzag stitch shown on the dark gray scarf.
Once you’ve woven the accent strand completely, tug and adjust to make sure it’s stretched evenly across the scarf, and isn’t bunched up or pulled taut at any point. 
Knot the tail at the first ch to one edge of the scarf. At the other end of the accent strand, add ch or remove them to match the scarf length, if necessary. Cut the accent strand free from the skein and knot it off. Knot this end to the opposite end of the scarf, and weave in both tails. 
Ch = Chain
Rep = Repeat(ing)
Sc = Single Crochet
Sl St = Slip Stitch
Sk = Skip
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