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About 30 minutes
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metal stamped mother's day necklaces

Surprise Mom with these sweet necklaces for Mother’s Day! You’ll be surprised, too – by how easy it is to metal stamp charms in less than an hour. Read on and we’ll show you how to DIY these pretty keepsake gifts!
Step 1
Start out by removing the jump rings from the charms you’d like to metal stamp, and set the jump rings aside. You won’t need them again until Step 7.

TIP: Here’s the best way to open and close a jump ring: Grasp the jump ring on both sides with chain nose pliers, then twist the ring open from side to side. Never pull the jump ring’s edges straight apart, since that can distort its circular shape. We’ve got a quick video that’ll show you how, click here.  
Step 2
Now that the jump rings are gone, secure the first disc charm to the steel block with stamp straight tape. You’ll need two pieces of tape to do this. Place one across the bottom of the charm, so that the top of the tape runs just above the rhinestone, covering it. Place the second piece of tape across the top, so that its bottom edge is a little bit under the pre-punched hole. This will leave you with room to stamp in between the two pieces of tape.

TIP: Before you start metal stamping, use a ruler to find the vertical midpoint of the charm and mark this on one of the tape pieces. This will help you to center your stamped word.
Step 3
Begin with the middle letter of your word and center the metal stamp letter in between the two pieces of tape. Use your stamping hammer to strike the top of the stamp once or twice.

TIP: Try to hit the stamp letter with the very center of your brass mallet, which is the best way to ensure an even imprint.
Step 4
Now that you’ve got your “O,” line up the “M” letter stamp to its left and strike the letter stamp’s top once or twice with your stamping hammer. Repeat to make an “M” on the right side of the “O.”. Once you’ve stamped all three letters, you can remove both pieces of tape. 
Step 5
Next, we’ll metal stamp the smaller charm. Use the tape to fasten this charm to your metal block at the top and bottom, just as you did the larger disc in Step 2. Line up the heart stamp in the very center of the charm and strike it with the stamping hammer (only once or twice, as you did before). 
Step 6
Now, you’ll darken your letters to make them stand out. Just use the stamp enamel marker to color in the impressions on both charms. Wait 1-3 minutes for the enamel to dry, then wipe away any excess on each charm with a soft cloth or a paper towel. 
Step 7
Almost done! All that’s left is to thread both charms back onto their jump rings, along with a necklace chain for each. Now, close the jump rings and you’ve got two beautiful necklaces! Nice work!

TIP: If you’d like to shorten your necklace chains, that’s easy to do! Use your pliers to open and remove the jump ring on one side of the necklace. Use wire cutters to trim the chain to the length you’d like. Then replace the jump ring.
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