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A Play in Three Acts

Set the stage to create the Halloween of your dreams.
Make it as spooky or sweet as you like.

Glitter and Ghouls Shadow How to use

Prologue: Invitations

Don't forget to let the public know about your upcoming show!

Find the ingredients you need to mix up a batch of spine-tingling invitations.

Eye of newt, and cardstock too

Act I: Sets

It's time to design!

Will you transform your home into a real-life cabinet of creepy curiosities? Tickle your
little zombies' funny bones with sparkly crafts and treats? Celebrate the traditional
harvest festival? We have the tools you need to build your set, whatever it might be.


Time for your guests to head to the concession stand.
What will you have waiting?

Act II: Lighting

Step up the mood!

No theatre production can be a success without careful
lighting. We have everything that's glittery, shimmery,
shiny and bright to bring focus and drama to your stage.

Stage Lights

Second INtermission

A Special Guest Appearance By The

Take a break to find special inspiration in the deliciously
diabolical stylings of SANDRA LEE. Watch her weave a
web of moonlit delights and stir her magic cauldron full of
the most macabre treats, as she shows you how to put on
a howlingly good show.

Act III: Costumes

Exercise Your Imagination - We'll Do The Rest!

Every good costume designer will tell you it's all about the illusion.
No need to labour over complicated costumes when you can whip up a
fanciful costume or three in no time at all.

Time to send your guests out into the night?
Leave your audience with a memento of this special,
one-night-only engagement!