JanYOUary 2014 Décor Guide

Revitalize your space for the new year with these easy ideas for a clean, fresh and organized home.

New Year, New Space

It's a new year and it's time to focus on you! Let's get organized and create a beautiful environment with new décor.

made just for YOU

It's a new year and that means one thing: new décor! Start off by revitalizing any room in your home with a Michaels Custom Frame. With over 550 mouldings and 450 mat colours, it's easy to find your style.

Guitars Watercolors Mirrors Mirros

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Guitars Watercolors Mirrors Mirros

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Your Walls, Your Story

Time to show your style. Let's choose the perfect frame and create a gorgeous gallery.

framed by YOU

Framing photos and artwork is the easiest way to show a little bit of your personality in your home. Find a new style (or a few!) that fits you.


the story of YOU

This year, let your walls do the talking. Frame what you love, and express yourself in every room.

An Organized Space for YOU

After the holidays, most of us need a little help cleaning up. Start fresh this year with some of our easiest (and prettiest!) organization systems – baskets, buckets or boxes!

semiannual storage event

Great savings on storage solutions 12/26 – 1/23!

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Ashland® Inspired Style
Hollywood Basket Collection

The Hollywood Basket Collection has timeless shapes in elegant colours with a hint of glamour. Make a strikingly bold storage statement by mixing the textures and shapes in this gorgeous collection into your décor.

Ashland® Inspired Style
Santorini Basket Collection

Capture the beautiful azure blue, crisp white and natural shades of Grecian style with the Santorini Basket Collection. Simple blue and white mixed with fisherman styles, canvas rounds and rustic textures will add a breath of fresh sea air to your storage solutions.

Ashland® Spring Decorative Paper Boxes

Our Decorative Storage containers combine the look of faux suitcases, books or neatly wrapped boxes with the full size storage you need. Available in a variety of prints, each box can be stacked to add beauty and functionality to your space.

Ashland® Decorative Closet Storage

Tidy up your closets with our Decorative Closet Storage. We've brought together baskets, drawer liners, jewellery holders and hangers in complementary colours - a perfect solution for the closet that dreams are made of!

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Did YOU Know?

The average person spends 7 hours a week looking for things? Let's find some simple solutions to organize your everyday.

semiannual storage event

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Everything YOU Need

Make life easier, conquer clutter and keep it all at your fingertips with smart storage solutions for every room. See our newest ideas in store!


Select your Recollections™ Craft Storage Pieces


Tuck items away in plastic storage


Organize little things in multipurpose Desktop storage

4-Shelf Organizer Cube One of the most versatile pieces in the line! Use this simple 12"x12" cube to store paper, craft foam sheets, trimmers or any other items you need to lie flat.

5-Drawer Rolling Letter Press Keep all your tools, scraps, bits and bobbles out of sight, but not out of mind with our Rolling Letter Press.

Door Hanger Our configurable over-the-door hanger helps keep your crafts neat, organized and out of the way!

Iris® Storage 16-Case Photo Keeper This versatile case can be used to hold 4"x6" photos and small embellishments, all in an easy-to-carry case!

Iris® Storage Shoe Boxes You can never buy just one of these very versatile plastic boxes, so pick up this bundle pack of 14! They are perfect for all kinds of quick storage, including crafts, toys and – shoes!

Iris® Storage 12"x12" Scrapbook Cases Try using these snap-tight plastic cases to store your current working projects in one handy place.

Recollections™ Craft Storage Desktop Carousel Organizer Perfect for your pens, pencils, markers, scissors, brushes or any utensil you need within arm's reach!

Recollections™ Craft Storage Desktop Embellishment Organizer It's the little things that count, and this easy-to-assemble organizer keeps all the little things in one place.

Recollections™ Craft Storage Desktop Organizer with Marker Storage The best part about this organizer is the removable utensil storage – it's like getting two pieces in one!

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Create a Space for YOU

Treat yourself to a beautiful environment. Dedicate a space in your home where you're surrounded by colours, textures and décor items that make you happy.

a space YOU can call your own

Get inspired with these fresh décor ideas from the new Ashland® Signature Accents™ Modern Romance Collection.

Ashland® Signature Accents™
Modern Romance Assorted Birdcages

Birdcages are a huge trend for 2014, but they've been around for quite a while.

Ashland® Signature Accents™
Modern Romance Beaded Stem Candleholders

The soft glow of candlelight makes any space inviting, and these Parisian-inspired candleholders are the perfect accent.

Ashland® Signature Accents™
Modern Romance White Floral Wreath

Freshen up your décor with pretty, simple white flowers on a background of natural branches. Premade wreaths are a quick and easy way to add new accents to your home.

Ashland® Signature Accents™
Modern Romance Paris Mirrored Frame Wall Décor

Paris, the city that inspires love, is beautifully captured in a soft, subtle rendering of the Eiffel Tower. The artwork is finished with a simple mirrored frame, giving this statement piece an elegant feel.

Spring Floral and Decorative Containers

Love is in bloom with our spring floral collection. Choose from blooms that capture the colour of the season and place them in a container that perfectly accents your décor. See our collection.

Spring Decorative Boxes

Get the look you want and the storage you need with beautiful boxes from Ashland. Available in a variety of prints, colours, styles and sizes, use these boxes to store unused items in plain sight!

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Modern Romance collection in stores 1/10/14

Freshen Things Up

Everyone needs a place to unwind. Create a calming hideaway just for you with new décor, candles and greenery that lasts forever.

a look YOU will love

Add some colour to your indoor space with the Ashland® Botanical Garden Collection

Ashland® Signature Accents™ Botanical Garden 4 Tall printed Floral Square"

Use this window box inspired holder to add a touch of spring colour to your space or for a pretty, and easy organization tool.

Ashland® Signature Accents™ Candle Collection

Brighten up any room with a collection of spring candle holders that feature birds, lanterns and butterflies in cool, refreshing tones.

Ashland® Signature Accents™ Ceramic Birds

Put a little song in your décor with our cheery ceramic birds. Available in a variety of beautiful spring colours!

Ashland® Signature Accents™ Decorative Containers with Spring Floral

Whether used in a basket, a vase or around a wreath, spring florals create a soft, full and sunny look to any room.

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Botanical Garden collection in stores 12/20/13


an outdoor space for YOU

Create an inviting outdoor area that you don't have to water. You'll have everyone envious of your green thumb (we won't tell)!

Ashland® Garden Collection Greenery in ceramic Pots & Decorative Wood Containers

So natural, and so pretty. Set these anywhere in your home for easy décor.

Ashland® Garden Collection Ceramics

These nature inspired ceramics are in style and so adorable!

Ashland® Garden Collection Side Tables

Available in a variety of styles and sizes, these are perfect for potted plants, décor or use in a small space as a side table.

Ashland® Garden Collection Potted Succulents

Cute succulents, ready to decorate!

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Garden Collection in stores 12/20/13

A Little Personality

No two kitchens should look the same. Spice up your cooking space with new customized accents and fun statement pieces.

customize YOUR kitchen

It's the place we most love to hang out,
make it yours with bright, cheery décor.

SNEAK PEEK! Farmer's Market Collection in stores 1/24/14

Make Playtime Fun

What better way to be a kid at heart, than to play. Give them a creative space that will transform everyday things into extraordinary adventures.

A Colourful Place For YOU

Keep imagination alive by creating a bright and colourful environment

Storage Ideas Kids Projects

A Place For YOU

Wherever you call home, create a space were you can relax and enjoy for years to come!