Loom Woven and Knit Bag

Use the Martha Stewart Crafts® Yarn Knit & Weave Loom to make a great bag for everyday.


  • Lion Brand® Vanna’s Choice® Yarn – Magenta (A), Eggplant (B) or Colours of Choice
  • Martha Stewart Crafts®/MC Lion Brand® Yarn Knit & Weave Loom Kit
  • Scissors
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1. The instructions provided in the loom manual for casting on are the same for both flat knitting and knitting in the round (when you make a tube). These instructions are listed under the heading of SINGLE KNITTING.

2. Always knit in a clockwise direction around loom for single knitting in the round.

3. Contrast colour peg is used to mark the beginning of each round for the Straps.

4. For Edging, loom is kept in the oval setup to make it easier to hold. Knit only on the indicated stitches for Edging.

5. Once you’ve cast on for the Edging, work back and forth in rows.

6. Four Rectangles are woven, then sewn together to make Bag. Straps are knitted separately.

RECTANGLES (make 4):

Loom Configuration

Use the following pieces: (2) 36-hole pieces, (4) 12-hole pieces, (4) corner pieces.

Connect pieces to form a rectangle as follows: 36-hole piece > 12-hole piece > corner piece > 12-hole piece > corner piece > 36-hole piece > 12-hole piece > corner piece > 12-hole piece > corner piece.

Insert a small peg into every hole along each 36-hole piece, 12-hole piece, and corner piece around – 144 small working pegs placed. (Use 17 for warp and 55 for weft). Insert one contrast colour small peg in upper right corner for slip knot.

Follow loom manual instructions on WEAVING for how to set up the warp, weave the weft, and remove weaving from the loom.

Holding Loom vertically, set up the warp around 17 pegs on top and 17 pegs on bottom of loom using A.

Use B for weft.


Loom Configuration

Use the following pieces: (2) 28-hole semi-circle pieces, (2) 36-hole pieces.

Connect pieces to form an oval as follows: 28-hole semi-circle piece > 36-hole piece > 28-hole semi-circle piece > 36-hole piece.

Straps (make 2)

Insert one small contrast colour peg anywhere along loom setup to mark beginning of round, then insert a small peg into every remaining hole along each 28-hole semi-circle piece and each 36-hole piece – 128 small working pegs placed.

Following loom manual instructions for knitting in the round:

With B and beginning at contrast colour peg, cast onto all working pegs.

Knit 4 rounds.

Bind off.

Edging (make 2)

Insert 39 small pegs into 39 consecutive holes anywhere on loom. Insert one contrast colour peg into hole on right side of setup – 40 working pegs placed.

Follow loom manual instructions on SINGLE KNITTING for how to cast on, knit, and bind off.

With B, cast onto all working pegs.

Knit 4 rows.

Bind off.


Note: Use yarn needle supplied with loom and B to sew pieces together.

1. Following Diagram 1, pin one safety pin for marker A and one for marker B on each Rectangle.

2. Following Diagram 2, sew Rectangles into 2 pairs.

3. Following Diagram 3, sew pairs of Rectangles together.

4. Following Diagram 4, bring marker A of one Rectangle to meet marker B of adjoining Rectangle. Sew from markers down to base of Bag. Repeat with remaining Rectangles, leaving markers placed in each Rectangle as shown in Diagram 5.

5. Following Diagram 6, sew one Strap between A markers along top edge of Bag. Repeat with second Strap between A markers on opposite side of Bag.

6. Following Diagram 7, sew one Edging piece between Straps. Repeat with second Edging piece. Remove all markers from Bag.

7. Following Diagram 8, sew ends of Edging to sides of Straps.

8. Using yarn needle provided with loom, weave in yarn ends to wrong side of Bag.


SIZE: About 14"x14" (35.5cm x 35.5cm), not including straps

GAUGE: Rectangle = 5"x16" (12.5cm x 40.5cm)

Exact gauge is not essential to this project.