Paper Roses

It is easy to make lovely dimensional paper roses. These beauties will not go on your scrapbooking pages, but will instead be used to decorate all kinds of projects, for example: a picture frame, gift box, decorative jar, hair barrette, twig bouquet, greeting card or even a wedding reception table.

Created by Micheline Petit.


  • Scrapbooking Paper – Colour/Design of Choice
  • Ink Pad – Coordinating Colour of Choice
  • Foam Ink Dauber
  • Low Heat Glue Gun
  • Stylus (or Tip of a Pencil)
  • Flower Design Template - (download below)
  • Scissors
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Step 1
Choose your paper, plain or patterned, but preferably printed on both sides and cut four flowers (three large and one small) using the template provided below.

OPTION * For a quicker result, you can use a large flower punch or flower cut-outs from the Cricut® machine or the Sizzix® Big Shot.

Step 2
In order to give more texture to the flowers, ink the outline of all the petals with a matching colour.

TRICK * If the back of your paper is white, take the time to dab it roughly with ink.

Step 3
Shape each petal, curving the sides inwards with a stylus or the tip of a pencil.

OPTION * For a more old-fashioned look, spray each flower cut-out with water and then crumple the paper by crushing it in one hand. Gently unfold and allow to dry before the next step. Accelerate drying with a hair dryer or an embossing iron.

Step 4
To shape the centre of the rose, fold the petals of the smallest flower inward and roll them in a cylinder with your fingers.

Start by gluing together two petals face to face with a dab of hot glue at the bottom, then overlay and glue the other petals.

Step 5
Under the rosebud created in Step 4, layer and glue a second flower and make sure the petals are not aligned (shift them slightly). Fold the petals upwards and continue with the other two flower cut-outs by layering and gluing them under in the same way.

Step 6
Finally bend each petal down by rolling the tip with the stylus to create a more opened rose.

Download Pattern


Instead of the template, use large flower punch (between 5-9 petals) or flower cut-outs from the Cricut® machine or the Sizzix® Big Shot die-cut machine.

You can die-cut the flower shapes with your Cricut. The 5-petal model comes with the original cartridge.

Adult supervision is required at all times.