Watercolor Travel Box


  • Scissors
  • Paintbrush
  • Soft Rag
  • Sponge
  • Artwork (Tone-Base Copy)
  • Paper Towels
  • Floral Wire Cutters
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Hot Glue Sticks
  • 1 - ArtMinds™ Unfinished Wood Cigar Box
  • 1 - Artist's Loft® Gloss Gel
  • 1 - Multi-Surface Premium Chalky Acrylic Paint By Craft Smart®, 59 ml – White
  • 1 - Multi-Surface Premium Wax by Craft Smart®, 59 ml
  • 1 - Crafty Cuts® Lace Fabric Tape, Navy
  • 1 - Recollections® Chipboard Sheet
  • 1 - Furniture Tacks by ArtMinds™
  • 1 - Rotary Cutter By ArtMinds™
  • 1 - Multi-Surface Premium Chalky Acrylic Paint By Craft Smart®, 59 ml – French Teal
  • 1 - X-ACTO® Cut All Lightweight Knife
  • 1 - Westcott® Stainless Steel Ruler
  • 1 - Brown Leather Strip by ArtMinds™
  • 1 - Elemints Mixed Tag Blanks by Bead Landing™
  • 1 - ImpressArt® Steel Block with Rubber Feet
  • 1 - ImpressArt® Stamp Straight Tape
  • 1 - Bead Landing™ Letter and Number Stamp Set
  • 1 - ImpressArt® Stamp Enamel
  • 1 - E6000® Permanent Craft Adhesive, 59 ml
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Step 1 Paint the entire outside of the box using White chalky paint. Let dry.

Step 2 Paint the inside of the box using French Teal chalky paint. Let dry.

Step 3 For the image transfer of the art, make a toner-based copy of artwork. Cut out the artwork close to the image. Brush the front of the image generously with gel medium and place it face down onto the wood box. Smooth down with your hand, removing any air bubbles. Let dry for 24 hours.

Step 4 Use a damp sponge and lightly rub over the back of the artwork copy, removing layers of the paper. You can use your fingers to rub the paper off as well giving you more control. Continue doing this until your image no longer looks milky.

TIP: Use a light hand for this step so you don't pull up the actual printed artwork.

Step 5 Brush on Antique Brown wax over the outside of the box and wipe off with a soft rag.

TIP: You can control how much brown you want on your box by brushing on more and wiping off less, or wiping off more.

Step 6 Make dividers for the inside of the box by measuring and cutting the heavy chipboard. Cover the chipboard pieces with the lace fabric tape and glue into place using the hot glue gun.

Step 7 Cut the strip of leather to fit the width of the box using the rotary cutter. Determine the length you would like for the strap. Attach to the outer sides of the box using the furniture tacks. The point of the tack will come through to the interior of the box, so use the wire cutters to snip off the tip of the tack. Set aside.

Step 8 Place the metal blank down onto a steel block horizontally.

Step 9 Secure the blank to the block using stamp straight tape. Cut two 5 cm lengths of tape and place one length vertically on each side of blank, taping it down to the steel block.

Step 10 Place a third strip of tape down onto the bottom of the blank, in between the two vertical strips, so that the tape holds the bracelet but does not cover the entire bracelet surface. Leave room for stamping in the center of the blank.

Step 11 Stamp each letter by holding the letter stamp with one hand and holding the brass mallet in the other hand. Hold the letter stamp at a 90° angle on the steel block. Strike the letter stamp several times with medium force.

TIP: Metal stamping takes patience and practice. Practice as needed to learn how much force is needed to produce the desired results. To avoid getting a double imprint or "ghost" print, do not move the letter stamp while striking. Be sure to face the letter stamp in the right direction prior to stamping. Align letters visually by using the marks on the tape as reference.

Step 12 When stamping is finished, remove all tape.

Step 13 Apply a small amount of black enamel to the stamped word(s) and wipe away excess enamel with paper towel.

Step 14 Attach stamped blank to box with E-6000® adhesive.

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