Succulent Lighted Wreath


  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Hot Glue Sticks
  • 2 - Ashland® Pick – Droopy Echeveria Assorted
  • 1 - Ashland® Pick – Fern Assorted
  • 1 - Silver Floral Hoop By Ashland® 25.4 cm
  • 1 - Light String by Ashland® Everlasting Glow™, 91 cm
  • 1 - Panacea™ Green Floral Wire, 26 Gauge
  • 1 - Energizer® MAX AA Household Batteries, 4 Pack
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Step 1 Start out by putting the AA batteries into the lights’ battery pack. Turn on the lights and leave them on as you build your wreath.

Step 2 Wrap the strand of lights around the metal hoop, beginning with the bottom. As you work, position the battery pack at the bottom of the wreath, then wrap it with wire to hold it in place.

TIP: While you’re wiring the battery pack onto the hoop, make sure not to cover up its on/off switch! (We hate when that happens.)  

Step 3 Now, all that’s left to do is to arrange the succulents along the bottom of the hoop. Make sure you’ve got the battery pack covered and then wire the succulents into place. To make extra sure they won’t budge, secure each succulent with a dab or two of hot glue.

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