Cricut® Maple Leaf Burlap Banner

Add a little Canadian spirit to your Canada Day party with this Cricut® Maple Leaf Burlap Banner! It’s easy with the help of your Cricut® machine. Just check out the instructions and supply list below to get started on this simple DIY!


  • Computer
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Hot Glue Stick
  • Scissors
  • 4 - Burlap Paper by Recollections®, 30.4 cm x 30.4 cm
  • 1 - Natural Jute Spool by Recollections™
  • 1 - Cricut® Maker™
  • 1 - Cricut® Weeder Tool
  • 1 - Cricut® Rotary Blade Kit
  • 1 - Creatology™ Peel & Stick Felt 22.9 cm x 30.4 cm
  • 4 - ORACAL® ORATAPE® MT80P Transfer Tape
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Step 1 First, click here to access the design. Click ‘Make It’. 

TIP: If you want to make any changes to the design, click ‘Customize’ at the bottom of the screen and it will move the design into your canvas. Use the edit tools in the tool bar and then click ‘Make It’ in the upper right corner of your screen.

Step 2 Choose how many pennants you want in your banner by changing the number of project copies in the upper left of the preview screen, and arrange the shapes on the mats to make the most out of your supplies.

TIP: Did you know you could move designs from one mat to another? Click on the design you want to move, click the three dot icon in the left of that design and choose the new mat! You should be able to get two pennants per 12"x12" burlap sheet if you turn one upside-down and move it as far down as possible, aligning the fishtails so they are flush.

Step 3 Click ‘Continue’ in the lower right corner of your screen.

Step 4 Be sure the burlap mat is chosen in left preview panel, then choose ‘Burlap’ as your material.

TIP: Click ‘Browse All Materials’ for a full list of options. Enter ‘Burlap’ in the search field and choose ‘Burlap’. Click ‘Done’.

Step 5 Line the back of your burlap paper with transfer tape. Place the line paper onto your cutting mat. Insert your rotary housing and blade into ‘clamp B’ and load your mat.

Step 6 Push the blinking icon to begin cutting. Cut each burlap sheet needed for your banner.

Step 7 For felt maple leaves, peel the backing from the felt sheet and place, sticky-side down, onto your mat. Change the material to ‘Felt, Craft-Bonded’; then load your mat into the machine. Cut the maple leaves from your felt.

Step 8 Carefully remove the transfer tape from the back of each burlap pennant.

Step 9 Now, carefully remove a felt maple leaf from your mat, place it onto a burlap pennant, and push down firmly to secure. Repeat for each pennant in your banner.

TIP: If a needed, add a little hot glue to help attach the maple leaf.

Step 10 Lay out your pennants onto your working surface and space how you want them to appear in your banner. Turn the pennants over and measure how much jute will be needed for your banner. Be sure to account for hanging, so allow about a yard on each end.

Step 11 Run a line of hot glue across the top of the first pennant, about 2.5cm down from the top edge. Place the jute in the hot glue across the pennant. Continue adding glue and the jute one pennant at a time, across the entire banner.

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