Maker Spotlight

Maker Spotlight

what's your maker resolution?

These artists and makers are tackling creative goals for 2020, and they're sharing tips and recommendations so you can too!

Amy Tan

  • Artist
  • Scrapbooker
  • Author

Maker Resolution

Spend 15 minutes a day working on my canvas sketchbook — a no-pressure place to express creativity and try out new supplies and techniques. It's all about enjoying the process.

Jeannie Dickson

  • Watercolorist
  • Lettering Artist

Maker Resolution

My resolution is to learn something new! My watercolor floral canvas project will serve as a reminder to help me achieve my goal.

Megan Meketa

  • DIY-er
  • Cricut® Crafter

Maker Resolution

To get a better grip on my time, goals and priorities for 2020, I’m going to be creating a DIY wall calendar. I’ll be using my Cricut Maker machine, a chalkboard and various tools and accessories.

Mallory Wingo

  • Jewelry Maker
  • Crystal Enthusiast

Maker Resolution

One of my resolutions is to integrate hand stamping into my work. Stamping allows you to add positive messages and personalization to jewelry. Of course, I plan to combine it with crystals!

Kelly Mindell

  • Crafter
  • Blogger
  • Entrepreneur

Maker Resolution

My 2020 resolution is to DO something with my digital photos — to make them into scrapbooks, art pieces and gifts, and bring them to the forefront of my home!

Jonah Larson

  • Crochet Prodigy
  • Philanthropist

Maker Resolution

I hope to visit four elementary schools and teach the kids the benefits of crochet and how to make friendship bracelets.

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