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phases of the moon wall art

Bring the heavens a little closer – make this lovely wall art that shows the phases of the moon! We’ll show you how easy it is to cut Styrofoam® with your HotKnife™, then add paint and glitter to make each shape really stand out. Take a look at our instructions to DIY your own!
Step 1
First, measure and mark a line straight through the center of a Styrofoam® disc.
Step 2

Next, use your HotKnife™ to cut along the straight line, separating the disc into two half-circles. Set these two pieces aside until Step 6.

TIP: Always place your Styrofoam® on top of a piece of cardboard before cutting into it with a HotKnife™. This extra layer will help to protect your work surface.

Step 3
Take another Styrofoam® disc and mark two crescent moon shapes. They should be the same size and facing in opposite directions.
Step 4

Use your HotKnife™ to cut out the crescent shapes. Set these pieces and one full disc aside until Step 6, too.

TIP: If your cut pieces have uneven edges, you can use a piece of discarded foam (like sandpaper) to rub it against the edges to smooth them out.

Step 5
Now it’s time to paint your moons! Mix together several shades of gray (ranging from dark to light) using Black Belt and Snowball paints.
Step 6

Use the shades of gray you’ve mixed up to paint the front and sides of each of your five shapes (that’s two half-moons, two crescent moons and one full moon). To do this, dab your stencil brush into a shade of gray paint, then tap it onto the Styrofoam® surface until you’re happy with its color and texture.

TIP: Start painting with a medium gray color, then use the darker and lighter shades to create dark shadows and bright highlights on each moon’s surface.

Step 7
Help your moons to shine even brighter! While the paint’s still wet, sprinkle glitter over each moon shape. Shake off the excess glitter and let your moons dry.
Step 8
Measure and mark on your wall where you plan to hang your moons. At each spot, hammer in a nail.
Step 9
To hang each moon, just push its back side into a nail. The nail head will pierce the Styrofoam®, holding the moon in place.

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You’ll Also Need
  • Cardboard
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • 1 - Martha Stewart Family Friendly Satin Paint – Black Belt (10557068)
  • 1 - Martha Stewart Family Friendly Satin Paint – Snowball (10557029)
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