Time Required :
Over an hour
You're new to the skills necessary to complete this project, or maybe you've tried them just once or twice before.

pride balloon backpack

Celebrate Pride through your creativity with this colorful balloon backpack as the perfect accessory in any parade or festival!
Step 1

Use the hand inflator to blow up 70 long balloons and about 20 (or 25) round balloons. 

Step 2

Cut two 36" pieces of ribbon and seven 12" pieces of ribbon. 

Step 3

Take two long balloons and lay them down so they are parallel. Tie them together at one end with the end of a 36" piece of ribbon. Twist the parallel balloons around each other; then tie the end together with the end of the second 36" piece of ribbon. 

Step 4

Criss-cross the ribbons and repeat Step 3 with two more long balloons. Tie them together with the opposite ends of the ribbons used in Step 3. 

The twisted balloons make a strap to insert your arms to hold the backpack in place while the ribbons will criss-cross the center of your back. 

Step 5

Now, take two long balloons and tie one end together to make one long, long balloon. Repeat until you have 30 long, long balloons.

 This should leave you with six regular size long balloons. 

Step 6

Gather five long, long balloons and use a 12" piece of ribbon to tie the centers together to make a cluster. Repeat for five more clusters (six total). 

Step 7

Tie the clusters to the criss-cross ribbon: two clusters below the intersection and one towards the top, along each ribbon. 

Step 8

Tie a round balloon to an end on each of the six remaining long balloons. 

Step 9

Gather three in a small cluster and tie at the intersection of the criss-cross ribbon. Repeat for another small cluster. 

Step 10

Tie the remaining round balloons randomly to the ends of long, long hanging balloons. 

Step 11
Finally, shape balloons as desired.

 If you feel you need more balloons in your backpack, make more clusters and tie them to the criss-cross ribbon.

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