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#96 Mini Micro Blade

Item # 174983792889266186

#96 Mini Micro Blade
#96 Mini Micro Blade
#96 Mini Micro Blade

#96 Mini Micro Blade

Item # 174983792889266186

Excel Blades - #96 Mini Micro Replacement Blades - Sharp, Durable, and Made in the USA Replacement Blades for Your Utility Knife


Looking for sharp, durable, and reliable replacement blades for your utility knife? Look no further than the Excel Blades #96 Mini Utility Blades! Our blades are made from high-quality carbon steel - meaning a long cutting life and a sharp cutting edge. These mini utility knife blades are small & lightweight for easy handling. Whether you are cutting boxes, opening packages, or doing any other task that requires a sharp blade, mini box cutter blades are the perfect solution.

  • Made from high-quality carbon steel for a long cutting life and a sharp edge
  • Thin and lightweight for easy handling
  • Fit most mini standard utility knives and box cutters
  • Made in the USA
  • Affordable and cost-effective
  • Perfect for cutting boxes, opening packages, and other tasks that require a sharp blade
  • Includes three holes
  • 1.1 x .375 x .018 
  • Available in a pack of 5
  • Cuts through cardboard, leather, paper, wood, ropes and more
  • Compatible with Excel Blades K15 Retractable Mini Pocket Knife item #16015
  • General purpose micro blade with centered holes for positioning