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Golden® OPEN Acrylics Mixing Modern Theory Set

Golden® OPEN Acrylics Mixing Modern Theory Set

These acrylic paints have a relaxed working property that facilitates blending, softening, shading and glazing and fine detail. This color selection is capable of producing clean and bright mixes. This enables artists to produce a wide array of hues, shades and tints that can be supplemented any time with other Golden OPEN Acrylic Colors.
  • 22ml tube hansa yellow light
  • 22ml tube hansa yellow medium
  • 22ml tube naphthol red light
  • 22ml tube quinacridone magenta
  • 22ml tube anthraquinone blue
  • 22ml tube phthalo blue (green shade)
  • 22ml tube pthalo green (blue shade)
  • 59ml tube of titanium white
  • 30ml bottle of OPEN Thinner