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Liquitex® Professional Freestyle Large Scale Paddle Brush

Liquitex® Professional Freestyle Large Scale Paddle Brush

Freestyle large scale paintbrushes meet the expanding needs of acrylic artists working in grandiose scales. A large, comfortable non-slip matte finished handle crafted from the highest quality wood has been paired with a top-of-the-line synthetic bristle head, resulting in this paddle brush that offers excellent durability in large scaled applications that require rugged tools. The shorter length of the ferrule allows for easy movement of thick color and mediums. Useful for broad marks and edges, it's ideal fir large surface covering, moving thick mediums, spreading thick color, smudging and scumbling.
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Short handle
  • Stainless ferrule
  • Contoured black satin handle
  • Synthetic filament
  • For use with acrylic paints