Time Required :
About an hour
You're new to the skills necessary to complete this project, or maybe you've tried them just once or twice before.

school mason jars

Classes are coming sooner than you think – get prepped with these super-fun Back To School Mason jars! Our instructions will show you how easy it is to paint an apple, a pencil and a little notebook. They’re perfect for organizing your school supplies and make a great gift for teacher, too!
Step 1
Let’s start with the pencil jar! Wrap a piece of masking tape in a straight line around one Mason jar, about ¾" above the jar’s bottom. Press your fingers over the tape’s bottom edge to make sure it’s completely stuck to the jar, to keep paint from seeping underneath.

TIP: The tape will act as a guide as you paint, to ensure straight lines.
Step 2
Use a Spouncer™ to paint the jar’s bottom section with Pink Bliss paint. Let it dry, then add a second coat and peel off the masking tape. Let the paint dry once more.

TIP: Here’s how to use your Spouncer™: Dip the sponge into a puddle of paint, then brush off the excess. Make sure its entire bottom surface is covered with paint, then dab the brush, with up-and-down motions, onto your surface.
Step 3
Tape off a narrow band above the jar’s Pink Bliss section and use your paintbrush to fill it with Silver Gray paint. Let the paint dry, then add a second coat and remove the paint. 
Step 4
Continue to paint the jar section by section, taping each one off, then painting with the appropriate color, to resemble a pencil, until you reach the top of the jar. 
Step 5
Next, paint the jar’s rim with Stormy Gray paint to resemble pencil lead. 
Step 6
Use your black paint marker to write ‘No. 2’ on the side of the jar. Now, set the jar aside to dry. 
Step 7
Want to make a notebook jar? Then use your Spouncer™ to cover the entire surface of a Mason jar with black paint. Let the paint dry. 
Step 8
Next, dip your sponge into a bit of white paint, then lightly tap it all over the jar to add a swirly pattern. Let the white paint dry, too. 
Step 9
Use a small paintbrush to paint a white rectangle on the front of the jar. Let it dry. 
Step 10
With a thin liner brush, paint three horizontal black lines onto the white rectangle, then set the jar aside to dry. 
Step 11
Now, let’s finish up with an irresistible apple jar! First, use your Spouncer™ to paint the entire surface of the jar with red paint. Let the paint dry. 
Step 12
Paint the rim of the jar with Spanish Tile paint and let it dry. 
Step 13
Finally, use Rainforest paint to add two small leaves, just below the jar’s rim. Let your leaves dry and you’re all done! Fill each jar with your choice of school supplies for an adorable trio!
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