{ "url": "https://www.michaels.com/sharpie-oil-based-paint-markers-medium-point-metallic-set/10293395.html", "title": "Sharpie® Oil-Based Paint Markers, Medium Point Metallic Set", "standard_price": 8.99, "currency_code": "USD", "provider_name": "Michaels", "description": "
These oil-based paint markers are perfect for decorating and adding metallic accents to a variety of items\u2014even non-porous materials like glass and hard plastics. The paint goes on smooth with no mess, while marking opaque and glossy on light and dark surfaces. And, since these permanent markers won't bleed through heavy weight paper or wash away, they're ideal for scrapbooking, posters, banners and signs. These medium tip markers are great for writing and touch ups and can be used on metal, pottery, wood, rubber, glass, plastic and stone.<\/div>
  • Gold and silver<\/li>
  • Medium point<\/li>
  • 2 markers<\/li>
  • Quick drying<\/li>
  • Resistant to water, fading and abrasion<\/li>
  • Not for use on fabric<\/li>
  • Xylene free<\/li>
  • AP certified nontoxic<\/li><\/ul><\/div>", "brand": "Sharpie", "product_id": "10293395", "availability": "instock", "quantity": 2,112.00, "color": "", "images": ["https://imgs.michaels.com/MAM/assets/1/726D45CA1C364650A39CD1B336F03305/img/58FCCDCB7AD54AB5A094CD33182A4648/10393395.jpg?fit=inside|540:540"] , "rating": 5.00, "rating_scale": 5, "rating_count": 3 }