{ "url": "https://www.michaels.com/silhouette-curio/10458183.html", "title": "Silhouette Curio™ Cutting Machine", "standard_price": 119.99, "currency_code": "USD", "provider_name": "Michaels", "description": "
The Silhouette Curio is the perfect machine for DIYers that love to diversify their creativity. Simply connect the Curio to your PC or Mac and use Silhouette Studio® to design your project based on Silhouette Design Store designs or your own from scratch creations, then send your project to the Curio to put your signature style on countless DIY projects. With Curio you can create beautifully etched metal, embellish foils and metals, sketch intricate, multi-color designs, create one-of-a-kind stippled ink projects, cut custom designs out of a variety of materials, and embossing or debossing textures to delicate materials and more. Compare Silhouette models here.<\/span><\/a><\/span><\/div>
  • Silhouette Curio machine<\/li>
  • 8.5\" x 6\"base (includes four platforms)<\/li>
  • 8.5\" x 6\" cutting mat<\/li>
  • 8.5\" x 6\" embossing mat<\/li>
  • Fine embossing tool<\/li>
  • Wide embossing tool<\/li>
  • 50 exclusive designs<\/li>
  • AC adapter<\/li>
  • USB cord<\/li>
  • Silhouette Studio Software CD<\/li><\/ul><\/div>", "brand": "Silhouette", "product_id": "10458183", "standard_price": 199.99, "color": "", "images": ["https://imgs.michaels.com/MAM/assets/1/726D45CA1C364650A39CD1B336F03305/img/689F576692944165A5AF39D33F09D794/10458183_1.jpg?fit=inside|540:540","https://imgs.michaels.com/MAM/assets/1/726D45CA1C364650A39CD1B336F03305/img/044715D4F5504A84B575DE78F8EE817E/10458183_2.jpg?fit=inside|540:540","https://imgs.michaels.com/MAM/assets/1/726D45CA1C364650A39CD1B336F03305/img/A3DBCD68A74B448E9A5338636F2FE617/10458183_3.jpg?fit=inside|540:540"] , "rating": 4.40, "rating_scale": 5, "rating_count": 10 }