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Michaels is your one-stop destination for all your seasonal and Halloween costume needs. Whether you're looking for scary Halloween costumes, face & body paint, or Christmas costumes, we have you covered! With our wide range of costumes and accessories, we are here to make your costume dreams come true.

Our collection includes costumes for all ages, from adorable infant outfits to spooky adult costumes. We also offer costumes ranging from throwback costumes to trendy movie and celebrity costumes, ensuring there's something for everyone. We even offer accessories that will take your costume to the next level. From wigs that transform your hair into vibrant shades and silly looks, to costume jewelry that help you achieve the perfect look, Michaels offers a wide array of accessories to enhance your costume and make it truly memorable.

Explore our vast selection of costumes and let us help you bring your wildest ideas to life. Finding costumes and accessories for every holiday and occasion is made easy at Michaels. Whether you're looking to create your own costume idea with our DIY Costumes, or looking for themed group costumes, we have you covered.

Costume Return Policy

Items may be returned for a refund within 60 days of purchase, except for online-only costumes and accessory kits, which must be returned 7 days prior to the holiday.