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Shop Michaels yarn and knitting supplies for your next project. Michaels has hundreds of skeins in a wide variety of weights, colors and materials from the best brands, including Lion Brand®, Bernat®, Red Heart® and Caron®. Our project hub has hundreds of free knitting patterns and yarn craft projects, from super-soft baby blankets made with Bernat® Baby Blanket™ Yarn, to easy-to-knit scarves and hats, to on-trend home décor like macramé wall hangings. Whether you’re a beginner looking for easy crochet projects or an expert looking to advance your skills with special knitting needles and specialty yarn, Michaels is your go-to yarn store for everything you need.

Yarn for Knitting and Crocheting

Knit or crochet a vast array of DIY projects with yarn from Michaels. Options from top-notch brands such as Lion Brand®, Bernat®, Red Heart® and Caron® provide yarns for every budget and need for fuss-free one-stop shopping. From super-soft baby blankets made with Bernat® Baby Blanket™ baby yarn to easy-to-knit scarves and hats made with basic yarn to on-trend macrame wall hangings made with home decor yarn, our selection delivers the perfect shade and thickness of yarn that your pattern and project require. Once you amass the yarn you need, store it inside baskets and bags designed specifically for needlework crafts.

Knitting and Crocheting Supplies

Get everything you need for DIY projects in a single place with knitting and crocheting supplies from Michaels. Whether you need a new set of crochet hooks or to re-up your crochet thread supplies, we have you covered with high-quality sets and singles. Our knitting supplies selection includes everything from needles, looms and yarn winders to stitch counters, holders, point protectors and markers for convenient shopping when you need something extra to complete your design. Keep all your knitting and crocheting supplies neat and tidy with storage and organization options designed specifically for these crafts.

Needlework Supplies and Storage

Take your embroidery to the next level with needlework supplies from Michaels. Discover single packs of embroidery floss in every color of the rainbow for beautifully personalized projects, or get an array of hues to round your collection with floss packs that boast basic or complementary shades. Our selection of cross-stitch and embroidery kits saves you time on project planning, and we also carry supplies for everything for projects ranging from needlepoint, latch hook and felting to punch needle, macrame and rug tufting. No matter what you want to create, Michaels has the needlework accessories and supplies to help you make the crafting magic happen.