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Embrace “Mindful Making” in 2022.

Here are eight trend predictions for the year.

Celebrate Every Moment

Expand your horizons and embrace cultures from around the world to learn about and celebrate new traditions as a way of connecting with others.

Embrace Nostalgia

Make hygge, the Scandinavian word for all things cozy, and #cottagecore front and center through calming, understated florals, embroidery and needlepoint in the home.

Observe Nature

Try to find unexpected natural materials to incorporate into your DIYs — it’ll allow you to engage more and interact with nature.

Make Together

Parents and caregivers, this one’s for you! Celebrate the experience of discovery and engage more deeply with your mini makers through kid-directed, choice-driven Process Art.

Thoughtful Personalization

Go custom this year! Use hand stitching, hi-tech printing and applique to create exceptionally personalized gifts and DIY branding.

Daydream and Travel

After spending so much time at home, fulfill your wanderlust through designs inspired by your bucket list destinations and favorite places.

Incorporate Tech

Ready to level up your skills? Lean into crafting tech and tools to create custom leather, vinyl and fabric crafts at home.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Let mindful making take on a whole new meaning with crafting sustainability. Learn how to repurpose textiles and materials through tutorials from other makers.