Time Required :
About 30 minutes
You're new to the skills necessary to complete this project, or maybe you've tried them just once or twice before.

spring pastel paint pouring art

Ready for some colorful fun? With its swirling spring colors, this paint pouring project is brighter than the brightest Easter egg and twice as much fun to make! Plus, it’s SO easy – pick your favorite paint colors, mix them with some water and get started!
Step 1
Project Notes: 
   -  This project could get a little messy! We promise it’ll be fun, but you might want to use disposable gloves to protect your hands from the paint.
   -  With the supplies we’ve listed here, you can make, not one, but two (TWO!) complete canvases.
Cover a level working surface with a disposable tablecloth. Set your canvas in the center of the covered area.
Step 2
Begin by priming your canvas. Pour some Light Portrait Pink paint into one of the disposable cups. Add a small amount of water and mix well with a craft stick.

TIP: When you’re thinning the paint, add just enough water to make the paint pourable, but stop before it becomes too watery.
Step 3
Use a foam brush to spread this paint mixture evenly over the canvas and its sides. 
Step 4
Now we’ll get our pourable paints ready. Add more Light Portrait Pink paint to the same cup. Add more water as well, and blend the mixture thoroughly with a craft stick. This time, continue to add water until the paint is thinner than the mix you made in Step 2.

TIP: Half the fun of paint pouring is being able to improvise your quantities and colors! There’s no exact ratio when blending paint with water, so just aim for a mixture that’s runny and pours smoothly.
Step 5
Repeat Step 4 with each of the remaining colors of paints, using a separate cup for each one. Make sure each mixture is well-blended and about the same consistency as your cup with Light Portrait Pink paint. 
Step 6
Time to pour! Pick the paint color you’d like to use first, hold its cup above the center of the canvas and pour a little puddle. 
Step 7
Continue to pour your paint colors onto the canvas, until all your cups have been poured out. Alternate colors and areas of the canvas as you go. You can pour into the center of a previous color’s puddle or start a new one -- there’s no specific pattern. Just have fun and allow the paint to move naturally across the canvas.

TIP: Want to add a little extra color? Flick any excess paint left in your cups onto the canvas, or use a jumbo craft stick to drizzle on some of the excess paint that’s spilled onto the tablecloth.
Step 8
Once you’ve decided you’re finished, let your canvas dry.
TIP: Keep in mind that this may take about 48 hours or more, so be patient!
Step 9
Once the canvas is completely dry, lift it up from the disposable tablecloth. You may see that there’s some excess paint around the sides – just cut this away and your canvas is complete!
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You’ll Also Need
  • Disposable Cups
  • Disposable Tablecloth
  • Level (Optional)
  • Water Pitcher
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