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Making a socially responsible community

At Michaels, we care about people and want to ensure our customers, partners, and Team Members are treated fairly and with respect. As a result, we have implemented multiple policies and programs to foster communication with Team Members, customers, and business partners in our supply chain.


Our Culture

At Michaels, we are here for the Makers – all Makers. Everyone has a seat at our craft table, and we will always champion an inclusive shopping and work environment for all Makers and Team Members to provide a place of belonging. Ethics and integrity are at the forefront of every decision we make as a company and we will always strive to do what is right for our Makers and Team Members. We believe that we are better together and that being a Team Member at Michaels means joining a community that values your perspective, listens to your diverse voices, and collaborates with respect and dignity. You are welcome here.


Diversity & Inclusion

At Michaels, we believe everyone belongs at our craft table. We understand that diversity is integral to growing personally, professionally, and creatively and we are committed to honoring all of our Makers and our Team Members. Whatever your story, you are welcome here. We work with a number of great organizations and have launched Michaels Resource Groups to celebrate and raise awareness of our diverse population, promote education about many different cultures and communities, dismantle stereotypes, and create a sense of belonging among our Makers and Team Members.


Workplace Safety

We are strongly committed to providing a safe work environment for our Team Members as well as a safe shopping experience for our Makers. It is our policy to safeguard the health, safety, and welfare of our Team Members, Makers, and the communities we serve. High standards of safety and occupational health management are pursued in the same manner and with the same vigor as other business objectives. We view safety not only as a priority, but as a fundamental responsibility that we all must play a part in at Michaels.


Team Member Health & Well-Being

We are strongly committed to supporting our Team Members and providing them with the best support and resources available to us. We have crafted competitive benefits and programs to support the overall health, well-being, and financial security of our Team Members, whether they are in part-time, full-time, or salaried positions. We also offer crisis support through Michaels CARES, a 501(c)(3) charity which helps Team Members in their greatest time of need. We understand how important our benefits programs are to our Team Members and their families. We have crafted these programs through engagement with our Team Members and are continuously seeking partnerships and opportunities to improve the health, well-being, and financial security of our Team Members and their families.


Employee Engagement

We are passionate about engaging and connecting with our Team Members and we recognize how invaluable their insight and contributions are to our success as a business. We know that employee engagement is incredibly important and multi-faceted and have designed programs to provide our Team Members with frequent and reliable communication, fresh opportunities for learning and development, and to give and receive team member recognition and feedback.


Social Accountability

Maintaining the highest ethical standards in all our operations and throughout our supply chain remains a key focus for our business and we recognize the impact our policies have for all of the individuals and communities in our supply chain. Our Vendor Code of Conduct and Code of Business Conduct and Ethics are integral parts of our social accountability program and specify the minimum standards we expect all our Team Members, suppliers, and their factories to follow. We believe in promoting and protecting the fundamental human rights of every individual and leverage onsite visits and third-party social accountability audits to ensure the protection of those rights.


Community Engagement & Support

We are passionate about engaging and connecting with our Makers and the communities we serve. We recognize that the communities we serve give us the opportunity to make a meaningful impact and we are constantly striving to find new ways to give back to our communities. We are proud of our corporate partnership with Project Sunshine, through which we provide craft kits to children during challenging hospital stays at facilities across the United States, and equally as proud of our Michaels Resource Groups for the support they have shown to their charitable partners through donations collected from the proceeds of community-focused product collections. At Michaels, we are in a unique position to give back to our communities through the joy of creativity with in-store crafting events and classroom spaces which foster creativity and skill-building in our communities.


Customer Satisfaction

We are here for the Makers. We are consistently striving to simplify and streamline our processes to ensure that it’s easy for our Makers to get the right products at the right price. Whether they are shopping in our stores, buying online and picking up in store, utilizing our curbside pickup and same day delivery services, or shipping online purchases to their home; we strive to deliver a best-in-class experience no matter how they choose to shop. We lead with a servant approach and work every day to ensure our Makers are happy not only with their purchase, but with the experience as well. Our Makers remain our top priority and our collective efforts are directed towards delivering an exceptional experience in our stores and online.