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  • We price match several retailers.

  • Yes, if the item in question satisfies the other criteria of our Price Match Guarantee program.

  • Yes! You can find out more about our Price Match Guarantee.

With our sales & coupons, you'll always get a great deal - EASY!

  • Yes, you can. However, only one coupon can be applied to any qualifying item, and each coupon type can only be used once in a transaction. You can find out more about our Coupon Policies.

  • Michaels offers several different types of coupons to our consumers. Common coupon types include: Any One Regular Price Item, Entire Regular Price Purchase, and Entire Purchase Including Sale Items. Read more about each of Our Coupon Types.

  • No. Effective 3/27/2020, we will no longer accept any competitor coupons. This policy is subject to change without notice.

  • We’re proud to offer our Military, Senior and Teacher discounts that can be used in a purchase along with other coupon types. Please note these discounts are subject to the same limitations as our other coupons.

Get Bulk Buys in store and online at Save up to 50% - EASY!

  • Bulk Buys are an assortment of products sold in larger quantities at a great price! They’re perfect for kids’ crafts, camps, day care centers, parties, classrooms and more. When you need a lot, you’ll save time and score great savings (on what you use the most) with Bulk Buys.

  • Since Bulk Buys are already at a super competitive price, no additional coupons or discounts can be applied.

  • Sure! However, we ask that you purchase directly from Darice® when purchasing wholesale.

  • Yes, please see the full price match guarantee for more details.

  • Yes, please see Michaels full shipping policy for more details.

  • Our standard return policy applies.

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