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Soap Making Class
Soap Making Class

Ritts Soaps

Soap Making Class

Online Class


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0 Mins

72 Hours Cancellation


Natural Products

Available in English

Skill Level: Beginner

Over 18+ years old

You have 3 options 1. You can watch the Google Meet Meeting for educational purposed only. https://meet.google.com/vkg-vshm-qvy 2. You can purchase all of the items both from Michael’s and other stores listed below to make your soap along with me. 3. I would be happy to send you a kit that has the oils, goggles and gloves. 2 REQUIREMENTS for this to work. 1. YOU MUST PROVIDE ME WITH AN ADDRESS. 2. YOU MUST PURCHASE THE LYE AND OTHER ITEMS FROM MICHAELS LISTED. Happy Soaping

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