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Tunisian Crochet getting started
Tunisian Crochet getting started

Ceci’s Craft Cubby

Tunisian Crochet getting started

Online Class


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0 Mins

24 Hours Cancellation


Fiber & Needle Art

Available in English

Skill Level: Beginner

Over 13+ years old

Most essential parts of Tunisian crochet will be discussed/demonstrated. If you have zero experience with either Tunisian or standard crochet, it’s ok. We will go slow to start. If you do not have a tunisian crochet hook, a straight metal standard crochet hook can be used instead. Tunisian hook sets are helpful when adjusting tension and sizing to your yarn. Better to use a hook 1mm larger than your yarn band recommends. You don't have to buy all items in the materials list.

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