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Candle Making

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Craft Paint

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Infuse your life with the joy of self-expression by grabbing your favorite crafting supplies at Michaels. Whether you're a newbie crafter or an experienced artisan, our selection has the crafting supplies you want at prices you can afford.

Bring your creative ideas to life with craft supplies from Michaels. Choose waxes and gels for candle bases, then add candle dyes and fragrance oils to fine-tune your creations. Pick up some candle molds that also work when you're making soaps, then shift your focus to making bubbly bath bombs, ideal for birthday gifting to friends and family. Die-cuts and stamps help you craft lovely personalized cards while crafting machines from Cricut give you a versatile way to make everything from custom T-shirt decals to thin woodcuts you can layer in shadow boxes for unique wall decor.

Use craft supplies, such as artificial flowers, to beautify your home decor. Pick vases and containers in an array of colors and styles to house your custom bouquets, and pair them with cute miniature figurines to celebrate every season. Battery-powered LED craft lights and ribbon woven together can brighten up a dull mantel, and premade succulents in geometric containers incorporate some greenery into your living space. Highlight windows with lots of sun exposure by mounting stained glass that captures and reflects illumination of a lovely lighting effect.

Discover wood blanks and pre-cut pieces at Michaels when you want hobby supplies for building. Color your creations with high-quality craft paints, or use woodburning kits to adorn the surface with custom designs. Paint pens offer a handy way to personalize crafting surfaces, and they make a great choice when you're fashioning stepping stones to dress up your outdoor space. We also offer a wide selection of resin crafting supplies, from epoxy, molds and fillers to inks, dyes, pigments and glitter, when you want to create unique objects or decorate everyday items, such as tumblers and mugs.

Keep little ones happy with arts and crafts supplies for kids at Michaels. Children love coloring in fanciful books featuring their favorite characters and animals, and they also adore ready-made kits that walk them through putting together age-appropriate designs for a sense of wonder and boost in confidence. Kid-friendly paints and materials help children safely enjoy the thrill of creation without making big messes.