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Candle Making

Candle Making

Make candles your own.

Customize color, shape, wax, fragrance and so much more with candle-making supplies.

Everything you need to DIY candles

Candle Wax & Gel Bases

Wax & Gel Bases

Create customized home decor and personalized gifts with candle-making supplies from Michaels. Whether you're just getting into the hobby or you're an experienced candlemaker, our selection helps you stock your crafting space with candle-making supplies. Candle-making kits provide an easy introduction to the craft, with all the basics needed to make your own custom luminaries.

Craft lovely, long-burning candles from start to finish with candle-making supplies from Michaels. From candle wax to gel bases, our candle-making collection includes versatile materials, with beautiful options for every price point. High-quality wicks plus the tools to properly place them within the base material ensure long, mess-free burn times.

Scent your candle creations with high-quality fragrance oil. Add perennial favorites, such as vanilla and cinnamon, to capture the aroma of baked goods, or infuse your creations with more exotic scents, including patchouli and sandalwood, to bring some spice to your life. Candle dyes let you easily color your creations to match their scent and your personal style.

Get containers for candles at Michaels to craft lovely lighting, or grab some molds for a container-free design. Our selection includes key candle-making tools to help you tackle each project with exactly what you need for success.